we love machines. here is a list of our favourite:

We have a collection of much favoured machines. Here, we describe why we like them so much:

80's 8-bit: Oric, Amstrad, Spectrum, C64!

The 80's were a wild time to be a programmer. Every machine has its quirks!

Oric Atmos A rising start in the 21st Century 8-bit scene... oric.org
AmstradCPC A classic and powerful terminal. ocpcwiki.eu
ZX Spectrum As much fun as you can have from crap graphics to the ZX NEXT reboot ... zxuno

Oric Atmos

This is a favourite! An under-rated machine which didn't last long, this machine nevertheless gets a lot of 21st Century Love.

We have multiple functioning Oric systems in our library, including an Oric-1, and Atmos systems - expanded with storage! We also have the mythical Telestrat, but we are saving it for a special workshop ..


The Amstrad CPC6128 is probably the most capable of all the 8-bit systems, and it certainly still kicks ass today! Ours has been expanded with an M4 card, which is like bolting a rocket engine onto a jallopy. Well, it means our Amstrad is a LoRA terminal, and we quite like the things it can do ..

ZX Spectrum

This machine made many, many programmers, and many gamers too .. the sheer simplicity of its limitations in all aspects pushed coders to true nirvana. Back in the day, the ZX Spectrum had the worst graphics, the most pitiful sound, an utterly dreadful physical keyboard - and yet, still: the most awesome and fun to play games!

Nowadays, we get our Speccie Kicks with a ZX Uno, at least until the ZX Spectrum Next Arrives. Yes, we know, the ZX Next is a re-invention of the Speccie with seriously awesome capabilties. Pretty much everything the original ZX Spectrum wasn't, hardware-wise. Oh, what a wild scope of view, the wavelengths of this machine may provide.. lets find out.