we have space and we are organizing:

We recently got a new space to use for our collection .. here's what we are doing:

A new space

After the fun times at the Villa Schapira were terminated, we had to find a new place to stash the machines. Luckily, one of our fellow cohorts in the hacker scene had just what we needed - a dusty old room that used to be a wood-cutting workshop (for skateboards, naturally).

So we've been battling the chaos and getting the room emptied, then clean, and moderately suitable for use, and we now have a couple of ghetto consoles upon which to lay our prizes, and the stage^Waltar is almost complete.

Its not quite ready for operation yet, but when it is, the battleship is going to be ready to rock some boats.

A new web-site

Its crazy what a well-organized blog can do for ones self-esteem. Which is why we haven't done one in quite a while. But this is happening now, thanks to sheer hefty beef of Hugo ..

A recovery of old treasure

We have found new motivation to do the work to recover the old ampfea archives. The work of hundreds of volunteers culminated in a great little community, which alas went offline (except for music-bar of course) and now its time to bring the archives of these keen folks back online. Watch this space!