we love synthesizers. here is a list of our favourite:

We have a collection of much favoured synthesizers. Yes, music-making devices.

Old and new, a synthesizer is a machine for computing sound!

The 80's were a wild time to be into synthesizers. We had a blast! Our neighbors, not so much. Maybe.

Korg MS20 Ours still works. Best UFO summoning thingy ever. wikipedia
VCVRack Software synthesizers are computing machines, too! vcvrack
Monome NORNS+GRID About as mind-blowing as it gets. NORNS

Korg MS20

Whether you have a real one, or you enjoy the pleasures of the software versions, the MS20 architecture is classic and straightforward - and as long as you are willing to treat the filters with delicate, dainty little dabs (*), this machine will take you places. (* -or adventurous twists, you decide)

We particularly enjoy getting ours to summon UFO's and other Universal Objects of Interest for Perusal. (UOIFP)

Its a good thing seclorum is in the dungeon though ..


We used to think we wouldn't be cool until we had a wall full of Eurorack modules. We still think that, but until then, there's nothing better than chilling with VCVRack on a laptop, in some amazing place. Bonus points if its somewhere we wouldn't normally cart a complete Eurorack system to, as if that were ever a thing ..

Pro tip, if you get into VCVRack: log in and Enable All Available Modules .. you won't be disappointed you went to that scrolling clickety-click hassle, especially when you start a fresh, stark, bare new rack project, click "Insert", and get lost in the extraordinary variety of modules to insert into, plug out of, and generate sequential, audible delight of your desire ..

We have a few neat VCVRack projects on the workbench, such as a rig one might say is quite suitable for use by any early-era Eurythmics cover band ...


If cocktails were synthesizers, these two would be a stiff well-made Martini served up in unison with a frosty Midori Melonball, served at the bar in classy glass with a flaming pickle for flair...

Hey, iOS-MusicMaker kids, watch out! Monomes' lines community is coming to piss in your garden!